The Overthrow

Having been separated, you reunited with Koldar at the Many-Pointed Star. You then split up in order to travel to the Temple District, en route to which, Jacek was almost spotted by the city guard who had arrested him, but managed to run away without being detected.

You reconvened at the Temple of Thanatos, one of the Gods of Light, and underwent your initiation. This involved ritual baptism, and consuming a potion that gave you visions of your own deaths – and everyone else’s. The exception was Daechir, who saw nothing.

After taking your oaths, you donned the robes of initiates of Thanatos (over your normal adventuring gear) and then went into the Catacombs under the city and made your way to the part run by the clerics of Sol Invictus. You encountered some obnoxious Paladins of the Golden Order who were very derisory about your concerns for the integrity of some of the seals. After they wandered off, you encountered a group of cultists in the process of summoning some demons, whom you were able to defeat.

After that you met a nervous-seeming priest of Sol Invictus, whom you suspected of being in league with the Seekers of the Lost. It turned out that you were right, as he then called forth a bunch of undead (including skeletal mages!) from nearby unsealed tombs and attacked you. He died in the process, coming back as another skeleton mage, but you were eventually overwhelmed, with only Greenscale conscious as the Paladins saved the day, killing the undead and arresting you all…



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