The Overthrow

  • Started dealing with Greenscale’s death; Lital in particular refused to believe she was dead.
  • Daechir used ritual magic to preserve the corpse, in the hopes of finding a suitable cleric in Drakkenhall to resurrect her
  • Davis saw your creepy sea gold and was clearly unimpressed; it’s sahuagin gold, from their lost city of Sahua under the waves, where the ancient icon The Leviathan (not seen for many an age) apparently sleeps. And it’s cursed…
  • You all got drunk, both to cope with the grief and to handle this sudden explanation of Jacek’s enthusiasm for diving and swimming. Koldar thought the best way to break the curse would be either to head to Santa Cora to seek help from The Hierophant, or to head to First Triumph to seek help from The Crusader.
  • In Drakkenhall, you encountered a group of orcs, who Lital asked for directions to a high cleric. They directed you to the tower of the Great Silver Wyrm, where a half-orc cleric works who can save anyone.
  • En route to the tower, you encountered a group of angry dwarves. In the course of the ensuing fight, a mysterious stranger helped out.
    • Daechir called on Damien, Baron of Retribution in the course of the battle
  • After getting to know each other a bit, you went to the tower of the Great Silver Wyrm and met Ulia, the cleric; Jacek, Koldar and Lital saw her as human, whereas Daechir and Vallessa saw her as a dark elf
  • She explained, after some sort of communion with the Great Silver Wyrm, that iconic magic from The Green (rumoured to have been trapped by the Elf King ages ago) might be able to resurrect Greenscale, but otherwise there was no hope.
  • Ulia also offered you salvation (at the cost of great toil), but Koldar in particular was resistant to the idea. She invited you to make an offering at the shrine at the bottom of the Great Silver Wyrm’s tower, which some of you did.
    • Lital gave Ulia 40GP, some Oil, and some talismans off her axe
    • Jacek gave Ulia 25GP and the keys belonging to the New Port harbourmaster
  • You decided to head to the Rat King tavern, a place run by someone that Daechir believed could store Greenscale’s body safely until such time as she could be resurrected
  • On the way, you encountered some Kobolds wearing a strange livery – half that of the Three, and half that of the Empress. Lital attacked them (based on her hatred of the Empress) and in the ensuing battle, Daechir called on Susannah, Duchess of Storms



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