The Overthrow

  • You discussed further what to do and what your goals were
  • You met with Kathkar Bitter River, green dragonic sorcerer and expert on The Green, and agreed to kill a blue dragonic sorcerer called Eleni for him as a sign of your respect
    • He talked about the way to rescue/restore the Green being to kill the Empress and/or the Archmage and/or the Elf King
    • When asked, he explained that he couldn’t ever have done this himself, as he was sworn to the Blue (although the fact he’d scraped most of the blue paint off his scales indicates he didn’t consider himself still an asset for the Blue) and to do so would have threatened the Blue’s alliance with the Empress.
    • He also mentioned that he thought Koldar looked familiar – specifically like a clerk in the Tower District who had denied him planning permission (before Kathkar had just gone back another day, asked a different bureaucrat, and got a different answer)
    • He asked to keep Greenscale’s diary/journal when you left, to which Lital agreed.
  • Vallessa set up a meeting with a dark elf contact who hates dwarves, named Bregolien, in a dark elf bar called the Silverspike
    • Jacek drank some fermented arrak milk, which remains poisonous to non-dark elves
    • Bregolien explained that the Diadem of Lava and Splendour used to be the crown worn by the Queens Under The Mountain to show their sovereignty, but that it was lost or stolen a very long time ago.
    • It has apparently come into possession of the Blue. The Queen Under The Mountain can’t just demand it back because both the Blue and the Queen are the Empress’ allies.
    • It seems likely that the Underhammers were planning to steal it from the Blue in order to give the Queen Under The Mountain some plausible deniability
  • On your way to the Tower District, where the Diadem is supposedly kept, you encountered a bizarre contraption built by dwarves and staffed by gnomes. It wasn’t finished, but was producing peculiar mechanical music, using bellows and ratchets and drums and all sorts.
  • All of a sudden, some of the gnomes and dwarves revealed themselves to have been in a disguise, instead becoming two human-sized giant lumps of skin, seven faintly shapeless creatures of flesh and blood (that slowly developed vaguely elf-like features) and a single red cat-sized creature with large claws, bat wings, a large tail and exaggerated feline features which mostly attacked using highly personal invective.
    • In the course of the fight, Daechir called on Abraxas, Senseschal of the Pyre.
    • the vast majority of the gnomes and dwarves panicked, ran in circles and were generally not much use in context



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