The Overthrow

31 - Cathartic Atrocity

  • You fell upon the town
    • Vallessa wanders the town, stabbing at random, not checking people are dead or looting
    • Lital was supporting Vallessa
    • Jacek’s engagement is mostly tokenistic, helping to funnel some survivors out, as well as setting fires to the building
    • Daechir’s involvement was around forming some sort of mass grave/pile by the town well and sucking in the necromantic energy
  • Found a bulette with some eggs
  • Dragon attack!
  • Met Valterra
  • Bizarre dancing zombies that gave Jacek a dagger…
  • Went to the shrine, which had some people in it hiding, Jacek let them go free
  • Valterra took a rubbing of the engraving on the surface of the heavy wooden altar, while Jacek stole all the offerings from the shrine, which had been dedicated to the Gods of Light until the town was mystically ruined
  • Set off upriver, towards the Frost River, which is the direction the fleeing people went in



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