The Overthrow

32 - Actual Cannibal Shia LeBoeuf

  • The inn you’re staying at has a lot of cats and dogs. There’s a strange one-eyed halfling woman behind the bar. The fireplace is sculpted like a giant monstrous mouth. There’s a group of young women in the corner in different-coloured pastel robes, each with a wand.
  • Lital noticed that Jacek’s eyes were a little…bulgey
  • Got given a quest to find a magic rod in a cave in the woods
  • Caught by bear traps!!
  • Actual cannibal Shia LeBoeuf! Also Basilisks!
  • Lital killed everything…
  • Everyone destroyed the valuable unpublished manuscripts in his cave
  • Down into a library, and then through a magic trap, and then fighting some elementals, before Jacek picks up the rod and it and the altar crumbles, revealing 500GP and giving Jacek some weird purple glow…



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