The Overthrow

Death Need Not Be The End!

a manifesto by Daechir

Death is the greatest tragedy in the lives of all. It is a constant in our lives, stealing from us our loved ones, our heroes, the best and the brightest and the most vulnerable all the same. It is deplorable, terrible and horrifying and as such we all too often turn our faces from it, unable to endure the sorrow and pain at living with such an abusive but inescapable shade draped over our world.

Yet it need not be so! Death is far more escapable than many realise. Your mind may flick immediately to the blessings of the gods; resurrection through priests and clerics. Yet such salvation is rare, uncertain and subject to not only the caprice and whims of unknowable deities but the nepotism, greed and prejudices of the holy women and men who administer them. The gods offer no freedom from death, merely a brief respite locked beyond barriers of inequality and partisan politics. The people of our world deserve something better; life eternal, free from the whims of gods and clergy.

And such an opportunity exists, no miracle but through insightful use of cutting edge magic. Here, sadly is where many will decry the evils of necromancy and the dangers of interfering with the energies of life. Yet I can tell you that these old prejudices are false,founded on the vile intentions of the school’s early practitioners rather than any logic or evidence. Necromancy is no more ‘evil’ than evocation; both can kill, both can summon forth constructs, they simply manipulate different energies, different harmonies to achieve those ends. Necromancy is only as fell as the necromancer and here lies the heart of the problem; the Lich Queen.

The so called Mother of Liches was the discoverer of Necromancy, she framed its practice and countenance with her wicked and greedy actions. Still she holds much sway over the practice with er powerful and wide ranging spells and arcana. She is a powerful force in this world, but she is also only a very powerful necromancer and nothing sets her aside from any other powerful necromancer except for the fear and respect we give her. When we fear necromancy simply because its current greatest practitioner is evil we empower her; we feed her legend and strengthen her monopoly.

Like any monopoly her power can be broken if we only agree to do so. Necromancy can be used to heal, it can save lives, knit flesh and bone and, at its extreme, can tether the very soul to the body. Using this tool in these ways weakens the legacy of the One Eyed Queen and strengthens those who would oppose her. Giving power to necromancers who do not follow her wretched path weakens her control and dilutes her fearsome reputation. In time a powerful necromancer with benevolent aims will rise up and overthrow the current mistress of the art.

But we don’t have to wait until that momentous day to begin taking back this power for the good and the deserving. Change your attitudes to necromancy. Share with others the truths written here. If you are ill and clerics and herbalists cannot help you consider consulting a necromancer. We can often find solutions to even life-threatening illnesses!

And if you have a strong determination to see a future where death is no longer a concern consider volunteering for pioneering treatments to bind your soul to your body, infuse your form with magic from the underworld or offer you vitality taken from those sentenced to execution! Live forever with no fear of illness, poison, hunger, thirst, tiredness or pain. Being deathless truly is the ideal state!

Together we can overcome the Mother.

Together we can overcome death!



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