Erica Dewhurst, writing as "Greenscale"

(in)famous investigative journalist with a grudge against the Dragon Empire. Spider Jerusalem meets Hunter S Thompson by way of conspiracy theories.


Played by Drew Barrymore

Race: Halfling
Class: Bard
Level: 2

Ability Score Ability Mod Combat Stats
STR 10 +0 HP: 28
CON 10 +0 AC: 15
DEX 16 +3 PD: 12
INT 14 +2 MD: 15
WIS 12 +1 Init: +5
CHA 17 +3 Recovery Die: D8

One Unique Thing: Halflings are the children of The Green, and I intend to prove it!

Icon Relationships


  • City Slicker 4
  • Gonzo Journalist 4
  • Halfling History 2

Class Talents

  • Jack of Spells (Sorcerer)
  • Mythkenner
  • Songmaster

Battle Cries

  • Pull It Together!
  • Stay Strong!


  • Bardic Songs (Adventurer)
  • Battle Cries (Adventurer)


  • Some really rather lovely fitted Light Armour
  • Elegant Light Crossbow (D6 damage)
  • Fancy decorated Longsword (D8 damage)
  • Notebook, paper and pens in a variety of pockets

Racial Powers

  • Evasive
  • Small

Incremental Advances

  • Two third-level spells/songs

Magic Items

  • I want to become the Great Storyteller – a replacement / version of the Queen of Shadows.
  • I’d like to die of old age, up to my eyeballs in gin, rubies, literary awards and adoring fans.
  • They are all in it together, don’t you see? It’s like this: the Elf King and Dwarf Queen are in this weird truce, which was brokered by the Archmage through strange magics involving the subjugation of the Green in the name of the Great Gold Wyrm. And all of this to prop up the Empress and lend credence to her rule… No seriously, that is where halflings come from.

Three Things

  • Politics, complicated plots, intrigue and corruption that goes right to the top
  • Clashing with do-gooders and the moral majority
  • A travelogue of the different places and creatures in the world

Two factions

  • My fanbase eagerly await my every written word.
  • The locals of Concord are pretty pissed off at that time I stole secret records from the library and tied the Mayor to the gatepost, covered in green paint, with “I am a puppet of the Elf King” pinned to her chest. And maybe some other stuff. Some people can’t take a joke.


Some people have strength, others have speed, others raw magical talent. Still others were born to money and greatness.

Erica has her wit and words. She doesn’t talk about where she came from, and rarely uses her own name, preferring the pen-name “Greenscale” under which she issues sharp barbs of commentary against anything she perceives as unjust, unfair or even plain boring.

And words need an audience to work their magic.

Axis doesn’t have a newspaper. Not really. It has some propaganda issued on behalf of the Emperor. Concord doesn’t have a newspaper. Just some pseudo-culture gossip rags written by bored society twits. As for the rest, it’s all dull as dishwater missives from the Archmage or proclamations against something or other from the Crusader.

The real news comes out of Glitterhagen, where everything has a price. Especially words. In the past five years, The New Epoch has gone from mid-rate publication with a minor reputation for accuracy to being the fastest selling paper in the Empire.

Her first piece, on Concord cause quite a stir, but the real winner was her work on the Fighting Pits, on the gladiators born and doomed to die for a baying crowd of bloodthirsty idiots who never thought once about whose blood splattered their betting slips. Greenscale did. She got in behind the scenes and wrote a fierce expose on the entire set-up, ending up with a best friend (and handy bodyguard) in the process.

Word is that possession of a copy of The New Epoch is close to becoming a crime in Axis and Horizon. Which does wonders for sales, and who doesn’t love notoriety? Still, being this close to having a price on your head means you’ve always got to be looking for the Next Big Story.

Or better yet, making it.

If asked, her (often in hiding, send a magic message) editor will wax lyrical about the girl who stood up to the bullies by making everyone else laugh at them. The teenager who stopped a group of High Elves from drumming half-elves out of “their” town by pointing out the nasty little secrets in their supposedly pure bloodlines. And now grown into the woman who wants to bring down the biggest bullies with a stroke of her pen.

But no-one really knows where she came from or what she really wants. And she likes it that way.

Erica Dewhurst, writing as "Greenscale"

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