Jacek Thorne

Thief, smart-arse, troublemaker, naive wannabe.


Portrayed by: Jamie Bell

Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Level: 4

Ability Score Ability Mod Combat Stats
STR 10 +0 HP: 64
CON 14 +2 AC: 18
DEX 17 +3 PD: 19
INT 17 +3 MD: 16
WIS 11 +0 Initiative: +7
CHA 14 +2 Recovery Dice: 4d8+2

One unique thing: The mouse and the lion – prophesied to slay an Icon…but which one?

Icon Relationships:


  • Orphaned street urchin (Thief 5)
  • Con-artist (4)
  • Merchant seaman/cabin boy (1)
  • Apothecary apprentice (2)
  • Temple acolyte (1)
  • Imperial messenger (1)
  • Travelling player (1)

Class Features

  • Momentum
  • Sneak Attack (+2d6 damage)
  • Trap Sense

Class Talents

  • Cunning
  • Smooth Talk
  • Thievery

Class Powers

  • Slick Feint (3rd)
  • Deflection (3rd)
  • Roll With It (1st)
  • Bleeding Strike (3rd)
  • Tumbling Strike (1st)
  • Swift Dodge (5th)


  • Linguist (Adventurer)
  • Thievery (Adventurer)
  • Smooth Talker (Adventurer)
  • Sneak Attack (Adventurer)
  • Swift Dodge (Champion Feat)
  • Deflection (Adventurer)


Worn clothes
Woollen cloak
Light armour
Various bladed weapons
Music box
25 gp

Incremental Advances

  • Extra Power
  • Feat
  • Hit Points
  • Icon relationship

Magic Items

  • Cloak of Anonymity
    • +1 to PD
    • While wearing this cloak, you blend in with crowds. People ignore you, and overlook anything else that’s strange about you. You could be a ten-foot-tall fanged demon who constantly weeps poison, and no-one would look twice when you walked past them in the marketplace. The cloak’s magic can’t hide you if you do something out of the ordinary. If someone is specifically looking for you, you get a +4 bonus to checks to hide in the crowds.
    • Quirk: Wants to do whatever common people do.
  • Girdle of the Grave
    • +1 recovery per day
    • Recharge 11+: Until the end of your next turn, the first 5 points of negative energy damage you suffer in a turn heals you instead of reducing your hit points. So, if you get hit for 8 negative energy damage, that’s a net gain of 2 hit points (+5 hit points, then -3).
    • Quirk: Doesn’t really see what’s wrong with the undead. Lovely people, once you get to know them.
  • Ring of Honeyed Words
    • This signet ring bears the symbol of the Diabolist, and is just large enough to be noticed from across a room. While wearing it, you get a +6 bonus to skill tests to convince someone to aid you in some fashion. Your target is magically compelled to look favorably on your case and think of you as eloquent, interesting and more than a little sexy.
    • However, it has the opposite effect on every other witness to the conversation, including the other PCs – they believe that you’re deceitful, manipulative and crass, no matter what you say or do. Oh well, it’s not like they can cause any problems later on.
    • You could try getting around the ring’s restriction by insisting on a private conference. That won’t make anyone suspicious or paranoid in the slightest.
    • Quirk: Incapable of speaking without prevaricating.
  • Dagger of Dextrous Parry
    • Effect: +1 to attack and damage rolls
    • Effect (recharge 11+): When an enemy you are engaged with hits you while you’re wielding this weapon, make a Dexterity check against the attacker’s MD. If you succeed, the attack misses instead.
    • Quirk: Jumpy and suspicious

Which Icon does your character want to grow up to be (either replacing an existing one, or becoming an entirely new one)?

Who wants power that only corrupts? I’ve read the stories of heroes raised to kings that got too caught up in keeping it all and lost what they had originally dreamed of. Actually, maybe that Empress could lend me her throne for a bit she could learn some fucking humility and what the real world is like and I could spread a little fairness around the masses. I’d walk away though as soon as it got boring.

How does your character want to die?

Want to die? Nobody sane ever wants to die! I’ll keep my eye on the long view and my head in the sand thanks mate and pretend that in a world with magic and gods and secrets that I could maybe just avoid this while dying thing. Failing that, then make it quick and painless, not swinging from a rope twitching like some of my orphan mates did, or squealing in some back alley whilst bleeding out from a street caper turned vicious. Nope. If you must then look me in the eye and slit my throat. Make it fast.

Why does your character want to overthrow the Dragon Empire?

The Empire is rotting from the inside out. What happened to Noblesse Oblige? They don’t serve to protect the people any more than money lenders, lawyers, or gravediggers. It’s corrupt, corpulent, contemptuous rule needs replacing with something more egalitarian and fair that serves the people. I’m sure some of them are nice people with good hearts, but they serve a failing state that does not acknowledge a need for change.

Three Things

  • Intrigue and danger. A plotters web.
  • Gods or powers that meddle in the affairs of others and each other.
  • Tactical choices and opportunities for the players to do stuff “outside the box” if they want.

Two factions

  • The Bastards – a guild of ne’er-do-wells with leanings towards taking from those who have too much and distributing to those in need, maybe keeping a little for themselves along the way. It’s not about the destination but the journey.
  • The Order of the Fathers – a shadowy group of soothsayers and prophesy hunters who work behind the scenes to manipulate events. They divine the future, or think they do, and operate only for their own mysterious goals. Cliquey, this secret society are full of assholes.


Work in progress…

Jacek never knew his father, although his mother claimed he would come back one day and their lives would be right. But the young Jacek lost all hope in that before he was even four years old since his mother made up so many wild stories. Eventually she must have become sick of the child and tried to sell him off to another family. Maybe he reminded her of his father? The young Jacek didn’t take to his strict new parents and decided to run away after setting fire to their shop. Oh well, life on the streets couldn’t be that hard could it?

  • Born in Saltpork, in Axis
  • Sold to people in Upside
  • Ran away to Rabbleward

Jacek Thorne

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