Koldar Meridius

Fierce Fighter of Fiends


Portrayed by: Sigourney Weaver

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Warcry: Koldar has no official warcry, but “It’s a Demon!” is often the last thing his enemies hear.

Level: 4

Ability Score Ability Mod Combat Stats
STR 17 +3 HP: 78
CON 17 +3 AC: 25
DEX 14 +2 PD: 17
INT 14 +2 MD: 17
WIS 10 +0 Initiative: +10
CHA 13 +1 Recovery Dice: 4d10+3

One unique thing:
Koldar is the sole survivor of a brutal attack by the forces of the Diabolist against the Imperial town of Sulaco.

Icon Relationships:


  • Bureaucrat (2)
  • Military Officer (3)
  • Ordained (1)
  • Daemonologist (2)

Class Talents

  • Fearless
  • Paladin’s Challenge
  • Bastion

Class Powers

  • Smite Evil!


  • Smite Evil (Adventurer)
  • Toughness (Adventurer)
  • Strong Recovery (Adventurer)
  • Bastion (Adventurer)
  • Improved Initiative (Adventurer)


  • “Sun’s Edge” – Longsword with a rose gold cross-guard and a white gold pommel.
  • Sturdy leather-bound oak shield
  • Simple, elegant plate armour, well-used but carefully maintained.
  • “Barb” – an ornate, pattern-welded dagger with an elegant basket hilt of twisted dark iron.
  • A traveller’s rucksack, packed with all the necessities of life on the road.
  • 25gp.

Magic Items

  • Shield of Termination
    • +4 hit points
    • Recharge 6+: When you make a basic melee attack, roll a save against one ongoing effect
    • Quirk: Continually fails to finish sentences, stopping in mid-thou…
  • Unyielding Armour
    • +1 to AC

Incremental Advances


Note – I picked Sigourney Weaver as the ideal actor, but Koldar is still a male character – I don’t want to risk journeying down the dark path of trying to play a female character and just being offensive.

  • Which Icon does your character want to grow up to be (either replacing an existing one, or becoming an entirely new one)?
    The Crusader, only without the touchy-feely softness.
  • How does your character want to die?
    With a reputation.
  • Why does your character want to overthrow the Dragon Empire?
    Because they do too little to keep the daemons from our realm, instead resting comfortably in denial and complacency. Because whilst they claim to be overburdened with the duty of governance, they still allow crime, suffering and villainy to occur within their borders. Because they are weak.

Three Things

  • Some meaty, heroic combat with plenty of tactically difficult decisions.
  • Some element of politics – preferably the idealistic, zealous kind.
  • Opportunity for difficult, challenging decisions, requiring a keen look at our characters’ motivations, commitments and morals.

Two factions

  • Koldar was previously an Imperial official, highly-placed in the government, and has since turned away from the corruption and indecision to take matters into his own hands. Since then the government, and his former department (who were tasked with defence of Imperial trade against Daemonic interference) have kept a file with his name on.
  • Koldar’s well-defined attitude towards daemons keeps him in good stead with the Disciples of Steel, a roving band of Crusader fanatics he journeyed with for a time before finding his way to becoming part of the rebellion.


Koldar was a loyal Imperial servant, and on a swift ascension to the upper echelons of Imperial Government as a member of its military wing. He was the lead of a task force set to protecting Imperial trade routes and mercantile convoys from Daemonic attacks, but took leave of his duties when he was held back from completing his task to its fullest extent.

Koldar wished to use prisoners, condemned convicts, to man a dummy convoy as bait, to lure out what evil might be lurking and destroy it, but was denied permission by his superiors. Their weakness and lack of commitment had long troubled him; previously, troops from his order had been reassigned to policing duties, peacekeeping, in a land still rife with crime and conflict.

Such a soft-handed approach to matters wouldn’t stand with Koldar. Failing to commit fully to the fight against the daemon, only to fail to commit fully to other worthy duties of protection of the Empire, was completely unacceptable. The complacency and greed of the Imperial governing class could not persist and, following a particularly heated disagreement with a superior, Koldar left the capital, intending to return only under some very specific conditions.

Koldar Meridius

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