A huge woman; strong in body, loyal in heart, and soft in t'head.


Played by: Natalia Tena
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Level: 4

Ability Score Ability Mod Combat Stats
Str 19 +4 HP: (7+2+4) x 8 = 104
Con 18 +4 AC (light): 12+2+4+1=19
Dex 15 +2 PD: 11+4+4=19
Wis 10 +0 MD: 10+0+4+1 = 15
Int 8 -1 Initiative: 6
Cha 10 +0 Recovery Dice: 4d12 + 4

One Unique thing: Unbeknownst to her, she has giant blood in her veins.


  • Frost Range Barbarian +3
  • Mercenary +2
  • Noble’s Pet Fighter +3

Icon Relationships:

Class Feature:

  • Barbarian Rage
    Once per day, quick action, lasts for the battle/5 mins.
    Roll 2d20 to hit and take the higher. If both roll 11+ then critical.
    After battle can roll d20+Con, if 16+ rage recharges.

Class Talents:

  • Barbaric Cleave
  • Rage of the North Wind
    • While raging, you are surrounded by icy winds. At the end of your turn, each enemy engaged with you takes cold damage equal to your Constitution modifier. At 5th level, double the Constitution damage. At 8th level, triple it.
  • Strongheart
    • Recovery dice are d12
  • Unstoppable
    • Once per battle, declare the use of unstoppable before an attack. If it hits then you can heal using a recovery


  • Barbarian Rage (Adventurer Feat)
  • Barbaric Cleave (Adventurer Feat)
  • Barbaric Cleave (Champion Feat)
  • Unstoppable (Adventurer Feat)
    The recovery is free
  • Strong Recovery (Adventurer)
  • Toughness (Adventurer)

Racial Powers:

  • Bonus Feat
  • Quick to Fight
    Roll 2d20 for initiative, and choose your favoured result

Magic Items

  • Greataxe of Thunderbolts
    • Always: +1 to attack and damage.
    • Recharge 11+: At the start of a battle, roll a d6. When the escalation die equals the value rolled on the d6, a bolt of lightning shoots from the sky and charges your weapon with crackling energy; for that round, any hits you inflict with your weapon deal an extra 2d10 lightning damage. As the lightning bolt needs a clear path from the sky to your upraised weapon, this item doesn’t function indoors or underground.
    • Quirk: Bombastic speech.
  • Helm of Infamy
    • Always: +1 to MD
    • When you defeat a group of enemies who are all of the same type (all goblins for example, or, all elves, or all zombies, or all serving the same master), then as long as you let one of them survive to spread your legend, then your attacks deal an extra +1d4 damage against all creatures of the same type who have heard your legend. At the adventurer tier, that generally means ‘in the same tribe, clan or army, or living in the same dungeon’.
    • The helmet only affects one type of foe at a time. If you’re the infamous bane of the goblins of the Hag Caves, the helmet has no effect on other creatures in the Hag Caves who aren’t goblins (or goblins from outside the Hag Caves).
    • You can change the type of foe affected by the helmet, but you must win a significant victory against that type of foe to build a new infamous reputation before you get the bonus. Your previous victims breathe a sigh of relief that their cultural bogeyman has moved on to a new set of targets, and are no longer terrified of you.
    • Quirk: Enjoys intimidating people.
  • Clawed Boots
    • +1 to disengage checks and other footwork
    • (recharge 11+): As a move action, you may leap onto a foe of equal or greater size. When you do so, the boots sprout magical bone claws that dig in and keep you attached to the enemy. They have -2 to disengage or pop free from you, and if they do disengage by any means, they automatically take 1D10 damage from the boots.
    • Quirk: Likes high places and elevated positions
  • Armour of Heedlessness
    • +1 to AC
    • You gain a +4 bonus to all defences during your first turn in battle.
    • Quirk: Needlessly provocative

Incremental Advances

  • New Talent
  • Feat
  • Hit Points
  • Bonus to skill rolls

Three Background Questions

Which Icon does your character want to grow up to be (either replacing an existing one, or becoming an entirely new one)?
Probably a counterpart to the High Druid, but with less magic and more axe.

How does your character want to die?
With her axe buried in the Empresses neck ideally. Otherwise fighting to save her make-shift family.

Why does your character want to overthrow the Dragon Empire?
She blames them for the destruction of her village, the ensuing death of her family, her capture, and all that came afterwards. As she sees it, it’s hubris to try to force order on the world. People should be left alone to live as they want.

Three Things I’d Like To See

  1. Some travel into wild places!
  2. Lots of chances to stand up for her friends, even if they are wrong, and to have her loyalty/lack of smarts used by others for their gain.
  3. A chance for her to find out a bit more about her giant heritage & the reason for the destruction of her childhood home.

Two factions

Positively-inclined faction – The Calico Comrades, a mercenary guild she used to belong to. During a mission that went badly wrong she sacrificed herself for her brothers & sisters in arms, earning her their gratitude.

Negatively-inclined faction – House Jeshe, a noble house she was owned by for a time. She believes she is simply no longer working for them and is free to continue as she will. Unfortunately, they think of her more as property than an ex-employee.


Cut down into a quick list of defining events:

  • Born and raised in a mountain tribe, the Grey Water Kin, in the Frost Range mountains
  • Tribe was attacked & killed by people bearing the sigil of the Empress when she was only a teen
  • Owing to her novel size she was taken by the men that killed her family
  • Escaped and found her self employed by a mercenary company called the Calico Comrades.
  • During a bungled mission against House Jeshe, her company got caught. She offered herself to the noble in return for letting her fellows go, he agreed.
  • She became a pet fighter, wheeled out for entertainment purposes and gladiator fights. Life involved a lot of chains and hurt.
  • Met “Greenscale” in the holding area, after a particularly brutal gladiatorial fight. Became swayed by her words, and eventually, with her help escaped. Lital has been left with a deep sense of gratitude towards Erica, and at the moment would follow her into hell and back without question.


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