The Princess of Fuck You


Played by: Lucy Liu

Race: Dark Elf
Class: Ranger
Level: 4

Ability Score Ability Mod Combat Stats
STR 14 +2 HP: (7+2+1)*8=80
CON 12 +1 AC: 19+2=21
DEX 20 +5 PD: 18
INT 11 0 MD: 14
WIS 11 0 Init: +9
CHA 11 -1 Recovery Die: 4D8+1

One Unique Thing: The Elf King stole my heart

Icon Relationships

  • The Elf King (conflicted) 1
  • The Queen Under The Mountain (negative) 1
  • The Three (conflicted) 1


  • The King’s Favoured Hunter (AKA Tracker) 5
  • Princess of Underholme 4
  • Black Dragon Assassin 4

Class Talents

  • Tracker
  • Ranger’s Companion (Spider) – counts as double
  • Double Melee Attack


  • Cruel (Champion)
  • Heritage of the Sword (Adventurer)
  • Toughness (Adventurer)
  • Tracker (Adventurer)
  • Ranger’s Companion (Adventurer: adds escalation die to attacks)


  • Some practical and well fitting Light Armour in black
  • An ebony longbow (D8 damage)
  • A pair of beautiful yet horrific Longswords (D8 damage)

Racial Powers

  • Cruel

Magic Items

Incremental Advances

  • Extra Talent
  • Put up animal companion level
  • Feat
  • Hit Points

Magic Items

  • Pale Mantle of Suffering
    • +1 to PD
    • This cloak is usually pale white, but becomes redder and darker as its power grows. You heal 2 hit points whenever an enemy suffers ongoing damage caused by one of your attacks.
    • Quirk: Delights in the suffering of others
  • Bloodthirsty Longbow
    • +1 to attack and damage rolls
    • When you crit with a natural 20 using this weapon, you deal crit damage instead of normal damage if you hit with this weapon again during your next turn
    • Quirk: Develops a surprising lip-curling sneer that shows up a bit too often
  • Assassin’s Amulet
    • +1 to saves
    • (Recharge 11+): When you miss with an attack in the first round of combat (or from surprise), you may use the amulet to reroll your attack, and use whichever of the two results you prefer. Even if you still miss, you make it look intentional and stylish…
    • Quirk: Obsessed with making a good first impression in any situation
  • Quiver of Stone-Piercing
    • expands crit range for ranged attacks using this ammo by 1
    • Arrows drawn from this quiver pass through solid stone – but not other barriers – as though it was empty air. Stone cover offers no protection against this ammunition. You can even fire through walls, if you have some other way of discerning your foe’s position than sight.
    • Quirk: Sees meaning and patterns in the cracks in the paving stones.
  • Spectral Armour
    • +2 AC
    • (Recharge 16+): Activate it with a quick action, and you can step fully into the ghost realm for a brief time. While ghostly, you can move through solid objects, but you can’t end your turn inside one. You get resist damage 12+, but can be damaged normally by force damage. Everyone else gets resist your damage 12+ too.
    • You remain ghostly for one round. If you want, you can try to stay ghostly by spending a recovery to let you begin making hard saves (16+) at the end of each turn. Pass the save, and you can prolong your ghostly status for another round. You can stay ghostly as long as you keep making saves. If you somehow spend your last recovery to stay ghostly – well, you’ve just lost your connection to the living world. Maybe you can find your way back. Maybe you’ll drift forever alone in a grey emptiness.
    • Quirk: Pained by bright lights
  • Which Icon does your character want to grow up to be (either replacing an existing one, or becoming an entirely new one)?
  • How does your character want to die?
    • Thousands of years from now, having seen every last dwarf wiped from the world and know that everything underneath the surface, and in cover of darkness, belongs to the Silver Folk
  • Why does your character want to overthrow the Dragon Empire?
    • The “peace” offered by the (human) Dragon Empire is the reason my so-called King ignores the needs of his people. Destroying it will be a wakeup call.

Three Things

  • Tension and fighting between elves and dwarves, war and war crimes and the impact that has on the wider Empire
  • The inevitable descent into villainy

Two factions

  • The Drow of Underholme consider me a war hero
  • The Dwarves of Underholme consider me a war criminal


A prominent dark elf daughter and heir apparent (according to her) of the Elf King is alive and at large in the Empire. Which is very worrying for followers of all that is Good and Light. More worrying is that no-one knows where she is, the name she is currently using or what she is planning.

This much is known.

As a child she was sent by her mother, The Silver Witch Queen, to Drakkenhall to study with the Black Dragon.

On her return, she took a keen interest in military matters and was one of the key leaders in holding Underholme from various forrays and assaults by dwarves trying to take it back. This earned her the hatred of dwarves everywhere and cult status amongst the angry and disafected drow all over the Empire.

She was given the title “Princess of Underholme” half in jest but as the years progressed it seemed more and more like the truth. Slowly and patiently, she and her followers dug in deep to the caves beneath those mountains, fortifying and training for all out war with the dwarves.

And everyone else began to think very seriously about what would happen if her Father died and she became the Elf Queen.

The following is less well known, but the Queen of Shadows has eyes everywhere and secrets have a habit of being overheard.

A year ago she was summoned by her Father to a meeting of senior elves, deep in the King’s Wood. Whether she actually arrived is unknown. She returned changed. A shadow of her former self. Whatever fire used to burn in her eyes pulling her followers to battle alongside her was dim, and even her friends whispered that she “looked tired”. There were rumours of a curse, of a plot, of some form of terrible magic.

The Silver Folk of Underholme were furious – their leader had been all but taken from them. The rest of the Empire breathed a sigh of relief, tinged only with the smallest portion of guilt, and even that was for those in the know.

She left Underholme swearing the darkest of oaths of revenge, pledging to return only when she had returned to her full power and woe betide her enemies when she does.


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