Volterra Thrift

Rugged Gatherer of Antiquities


Portrayed by: Emily Blunt, somewhat obviously.

Race: Human

Class: Druid

Warcry: "That belongs in a museum!"

Level: 4

| |. Ability Score |. Ability Mod | |. Combat Stats |
|. STR |8 |-1 |. HP: |(6+2+4)x8= 96 |
|. CON |18 |4 |_. AC: |(104+4=) 18 |
|. DEX |16 |+3 |. PD: |(11+3+4+1=) 19 |
. INT |12 |+1 |
. MD: |(11+1+4=) 16 |
. WIS |18 |+4 |
. Initiative: |+7 |
. CHA |8 |-1 |
. Recovery Dice: |4d6 + 4 |

| |. Ability Score |. Ability Mod |. Combat Stats | |
|. STR | 8 | -1 |. HP: | 96 |
|. CON | 18 | +4 |. AC: | 18 |
|_. DEX | 16 | +3 |
. PD: | 19|
. INT | 12 | +1 |
. MD: | 16 |
. WIS | 18 | +4 |
. Initiative: | +7 |
. CHA | 8 | -1 |
. Recovery Dice: | 4d6+4 |

One unique thing: Voltera is the last an only living being to have seen, and been in the same room as, The Staff of Ka'Rah, an ancient artifact of Icon-level destructive power.

Icon Relationships:
* The Elf King – Conflicted – (1)
* The Archmage – Negative – (1)
* The Three – Positive – (2)

* Scholarly Academic – 2
* Spelunker – 3
* Stealthy Explorer – 3

Class Talents

* Wild Healer Adept *

* 2PB Regeneration Spells. *
* 1 Daily Regeneration Spell. *
* 1 Daily Greater Regeneration Spell. *
* 1PB Wild Heal Spell. *
* 1 Daily Wild Heal Spell.

* Terrain Caster Initiate *
* 2 daily spells per day

Class Features
* Use symbols and staves
* Quick-footed – Use Dexterity as basis of melee attacks *
Nature Talking – Twice per day, a druid can talk with a non-hostile animal or plant for a short time (in battle, it takes one to three rounds). *
* If there is useful information for the druid to gain out of the situation, they should roll a skill check that’s appropriate for the tier. *
* Talking to animals requires a hard DC, and plants usually require a ridiculously hard DC. *
* Gain a +1 for talking to plants
* Wilderness Survival -You never suffer from natural weather-related cold, heat, or exposure. You can go longer than most people without eating or drinking, but only a couple days longer

* Toughness
* Ruination – 1PB Ruins Terrain Caster Adventurer Feat Spell
* Frost Touch – 1PB Ice Terrain Caster Adventurer Feat Spell
* Spark – At-Will Mountains Terrain Caster Adventurer Feat Spell
* Mountain Terrain Caster (Champion Feat) * Wild Healer – Adventurer Feat

Spear – 4d8 + DEX
Shortbow – 4d6 + DEX
Light Armour

Magic Items
* Gloves of Adhesion *
The fingers of these gloves stick to any surface, giving a +4 bonus to skill checks to climb or hang on. The stickiness of the gloves lingers even after you stop using them, making your touch clammy and unpleasant. *
Loves heights.

* Shawl of Lost Cities *
Always: +1 to PD *
Always: While wearing this mantle, you see any dwarven structure or handiwork both as it is and as it was at its height. So, if you entered a ruined dwarven citadel, you would see both the current dilapidated ruin and, overlaid on that, what the citadel looked like when it was fully manned and intact. This double vision may be useful when exploring ruined areas or searching for lost treasures. For instance, you might know that there’s a door beneath a particular piles of fallen rocks, or recognize a rusty broken sword as the remains of a potent magic weapon. *
Quirk: Besieged by nostalgia

* Scroll of the Unerring Shaft *
Recharge 11+: When you miss with a ranged weapon attack, turn that miss into a hit, dealing your ranged basic attack damage with the attack instead.*
Quirk: Sings snatches of nonsense

* Surestep Boots *
Always: 1 to disengage checks and other footwork *
*Recharge 11
:* When you activate these boots, you can be assured that your very next step (but only your very next step!) will be onto something safe and solid, no matter the situation. If you step into a river of lava, you’ll put your foot on a cool rock. If you jump down a cliff, you’ll step on a ledge or a branch. Jump off a roof, land on a balcony or a flagpole. Leap into the ocean, and you’ll land on a sandbank or a piece of floating wreckage or a trusty sea-turtle. Depending on the circumstances, the boots may give you a +4 bonus to skill checks related to unlikely swashbuckling and acrobatics. *

Incremental Advances
* Icon Relationship
* Feat
* Hit Points
* Bonus to skill rolls


* Which Icon does your character want to grow up to be (either replacing an existing one, or becoming an entirely new one)? The Archmage. * How does your character want to die? Moments after donating the Fountain of Youth to a university research department. * Why does your character want to overthrow the Dragon Empire? They want to keep too many things hidden in damp, mouldy caverns. Three Things * Dungeons * Temples. * Tombs. Two factions * Volterra has excellent links with many academic institutions across the Empire, most notably the Brody Academy of Archaeology. * She has connections with a broad network of fences, spivs and crooks known as "The Muddy Purses" who can get hold of pretty much anything, for the right price. Background Volterra is a scholar at heart, having spent a lot of time poring over books, scrolls, tomes and relics, trying to unlock the secrets of ancient civilisations. She has had to obtain many of these artefacts from the field herself, and has a history of finding herself in places she ought not to be, if the long-dead owners had anything to say about it. And sometimes, they do. A few years ago, she was following a lead from a few drunken scouts who had found an enormous entrance to an ancient chamber deep within the Northern Mountains. Volterra pursued this lead to its conclusion – navigating her way through deadly frozen mountains, treacherous ravines and trap-filled dungeons, she found herself in a huge subterranean compound, at the heart of which was an ancient relic of palpable power. Before she could reach it, agents of the Elf King who had been silently following her set off a catastrophic trap, collapsing the way to the staff and forcing Volterra to flee as the entire chamber began to disintegrate around her. The Elves were killed as they attempted to escape, sealed within their stone tomb forever more. Later, as Volterra attempted to find information on what she had seen, she was approached by representatives of the Archmage who tried to silence her – with money at first, and then forcibly once she refused. She fought them off and left Axis for good on a boat bound for somewhere far distant from the reach of the Archmage – Drakkenhall. In Drakkenhall, officials of The Blue offered to fund her research indefinitely, on the one condition that she share all of her findings with them. Given Volterra's occasional inability not to share her research, regardless of the wishes of those around her, she found this to be entirely satisfactory.

Volterra Thrift

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