Gaming Charter

Away from the table

  • Everyone learns the system at their own speed – cheat sheets and power cards will be available
  • Character concepts are generated together but the crunchier side of things can be done separately
  • Players have lots of freedom to define the setting, both at the start and as we go along
  • Players can keep an Adventure Log using Obsidian Portal if they want to, but it’s not obligatory. It could be an (IC secret, OC open) IC diary if you want, or something else.
  • We all level up our characters together
  • Joe will send out reminder emails before each game
  • Players should feel free to change direction between one session and another

Behaviour around the game

  • Everyone is welcome to bring snacks or food, but it all needs to be vegan (even if it’s only going to be you eating it)
  • Some or all of us will eat together, generally by ordering takeaway although Sarah may sometimes fancy cooking for those that want it
  • Players are welcome and encouraged to send feedback after games, but it’s not compulsory. If you don’t say anything, the default assumption is that you like what’s going on and want it to continue broadly unchanged.


  • Except in exceptional circumstances, the game will on Wednesday nights at Joe and Sarah’s house, arriving 6-6.30pm for a 7pm start and 10pm finish)
  • Players will share the spotlight, but any given session might focus more or less on any given character
  • We will all try to take a “yes, and” approach to roleplaying with each other
  • Aside from the GM’s laptop (which won’t be pointed at email or Facebook!) there shouldn’t be any comms devices (phones, tablets, etc) at the table while we’re playing
  • If a rules question can’t be resolved immediately by looking it up, we’ll be pretty relaxed about fudging it for now and then getting it right next time

Other stuff

  • Dice that fall on the floor or end up “cocked” don’t count and need to be rolled again
  • Everyone, including the GM, rolls their dice in the open
  • Once we start playing, we’ll stay IC as best we can, using the “T-sign” to talk OOC
    • that said, a kind of Order of the Stick-style genre savvy and use of pop culture references is probably fine
  • It’s absolutely fine to play a character of any gender (or none) so long as it’s done respectfully
  • It’s OK to use an accent for your character but you definitely don’t have to
  • Joe will keep character sheets, and also update them on here

Lines: topics that, as an OOC agreement, will never be hinted at or brought up in-game; they are off-limits, to all involved.

  • Sexual assault, sexual coercion and all forms of non-consensual sex;
  • Sex with minors;
  • Miscarriage & stillbirth;
  • Infanticide (i.e. the intentional killing of an infant – aged 12 months or less);
  • Slut-shaming (i.e. making any person feel guilty or inferior for certain sexual behaviours or desires that deviate from orthodox gender expectations);
  • People being set on fire (things like fireballs and the breath of certain dragons will instead be raw destruction)
  • Real-world racism

Veils: things that can happen in a game, but when it does we skip the details and “fade to black".

  • Self-harm
  • Consensual sexual contact (I’m pretty into avoiding this!)
  • Overt displays of extreme mental illness, especially where portraying such behaviours becomes parody or “Hollywood-style” mental illness
  • Descriptions of people undergoing torture.

Gaming Charter

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