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OOC Goals

So, my main goal with this campaign is to have fun and to run it primarily improvised, rather than planning it all out ahead of time as has historically been my way. I want it to be heavily driven by your character choices and icon relationships. We will all be working together to build the world and the story


Here are some FAQs about the game

Campaign theme

The overall campaign theme, and the IC goal of the PCs, is the overthrow of the Dragon Empire. The PCs are rebels, terrorists or freedom fighters who have recently joined together for this goal, although they all have different motivations for doing so.


This is a thing that exists . Just saying.


The rules are pretty much exactly how they come, but we can always fiddle with them if something’s not working for us. In terms of optional rules from the basic book, I like Meaningful Death and Situational Weapon Use, but am not sure about Lasting Wounds and the No Math Treasure system. Very keen to discuss them!

The clarifications from 13 True Ways are really useful, so let’s use them.

  • We’ve changed the Toughness feat to add +2 to your base HP
  • We’ve added the use of 1s in icon relationship rolls, as described here
  • We roll for icon relationship results daily (at each Full Heal-Up); if you get no 1s, 5s or 6s then you can reroll all your dice.

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