The Empress


“As long as I draw breath, the Empire is safe.”

Usual Location

Axis, the capital of the Dragon Empire.

Common Knowledge

The Dragon Empress hails from a long line of noble rulers. It is her nature to lead. To the civilized people, she is the champion of their safety and prosperity.

Adventurers & the Icon

Adventurers are routinely hired by imperial functionaries to carry out all manner of ad hoc missions. Adventurers who work exclusively for the Empress are rewarded with increased pay and greater status, though other adventurers are likely to label them as imperial functionaries.


The Archmage and The Hierophant work closely with the Empress. The Crusader and The Great Gold Wyrm ostensibly are duty-bound to the Empress, but they interpret that duty as they each see fit. The Queen under the Mountain and The Elf King are united with the Empress in pursuit of peace and security.


The Mother of Liches explicitly claims continued authority over the Empire, a treasure she seeks to reclaim from the Dragon Empresses. She Who Is War seems destined to face the Empress, as the previous Orc Lord faced the Wizard Queen.


Ever since the first Dragon Empress established the Imperial Seal, there has always been a Dragon Empress. Elaborate and exacting ceremonies ensure that the power and authority of the original Empress live on. The current Empress is capable but essentially unproven.

The True Danger

Everything will be all right as long as the Emperor stands stalwart between civilization and chaos.

The Empress

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