The Mother of Liches


“All may hate me, but none may deny me.”

Usual Location

In the Necropolis, an island in the Midland Sea near Omen Island. Or teleporting into most any other ruin in “her" realm.

Common Knowledge

During the day, the Empire is a land of light and song. But at night, it is easy to look out one’s window at the moon-touched land and see that it very nearly still belongs to the Mother of Liches.

Ages ago, the Mother of Liches was the Wizard Queen, and she ruled all the lands with magic and tyranny. The first Dragon Empress, the elves, and the dwarves joined forces to defeat her. Ages later, however, the Wizard Queen returned as the undying Mother of Liches.

The Mother of Liches commands all undead, to some extent. Her power grows when sacrifices to the dead are not maintained and graveyards are desecrated, but even when all rites are properly observed she schemes, betrays, and attacks.

“By the fist of the lich” is a common macho curse. The magic hand the Mother of Liches wears to replace her missing hand is a fearsome artifact in its own right. Those who would rather not call the Mother of Liches by name refer to her as the One-Eyed Queen.

She rules over an elaborate court of undead known as the Undying Peerage.

Adventurers & the Icon

Evil clerics gain power through the Mother of Liches. Wanted criminals have sometimes given their lives to the Mother of Liches rather than to justice.


Who would betray life and ally with death?


The Hierophant, She Who Is War, The Elf King, The Queen Under The Mountain, The Three, The Great Gold Wyrm, and everyone else.


There has only ever been one Mother of Liches, the former Wizard Queen of an earlier age.

The True Danger

As long as the graveyards are maintained and the imperial rituals repeated, the One-Eyed Queen will never retake her throne.

The Mother of Liches

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