The Three


“If the gods didn’t intend for us to eat you, why did they make you taste so good?”

Usual Location

The Blue is found in Drakkenhall, though she usually finds you first. The Black flits between marsh hunting grounds and evil monasteries in the mountains. The Red is too freaking large to move around the Empire without triggering all The Archmage’s wards, so unless she feels like precipitating a confrontation, she lives where she pleases off the north, west, and east edges of the map.

Common Knowledge

The Three are the evil counterpoint to The Great Gold Wyrm. They’re not as strong as the Wyrm but they’re also not stuck in the Abyss. And one of the Three, the Blue Sorceress, has somehow forced an entry into the official hierarchy of the Dragon Empire, serving as the Imperial Governor of Drakkenhall under geas from The Empress and the Archmage. So apparently the Three are only fully evil and dangerous outside of Drakkenhall, and in Drakkenhall they are considered “the establishment.”

Adventurers & the Icon

Evil adventurers gain access to secret knowledge, training, or magic by allying themselves with the Three. True heroes make their name fighting against them. The lines are muddier in Drakkenhall.


Sometimes the Three hardly seem to be allied to each other, let alone to anyone else.


As the Wizard Queen, The Mother of Liches killed the White, and she takes inordinate pleasure in turning evil dragons into liches. The Elf King holds the Green as a captive, not that the Three or the Elf King openly admit it. And, of course, the Great Gold Wyrm is only going to be an enemy.


In most ages, only one or two of these monsters live up to their epic potential. In this age, all three of them have grown to epic proportions.

The True Danger

With the Blue suborned by the geas that gives it Drakkenhall, the Three cannot unite to destroy the Empire. Unless the plan is to somehow destroy the Empire from within. . . .

The Three

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