The Overthrow

  • Following last session there was a sudden influx of undead; you found yourselves facing sixteen or so of various types, while the Sol Invictus allies you brought with you finished dealing with the Seekers’ acolytes and the rest of the undead
  • You were very hard-pressed during the fight, with many of you being seriously injured on several occasions
  • You were helped significantly by Koldar calling on the Dark Gods to heal you all, and the Great Gold Wyrm to bless his weapon. Though one side-effect was that his other gauntlet turned black and was seemingly bolted to/through his hand.
  • Lital also drew on her experiences with She Who Is War to give her the boost she needed to get stuck into the last portion of the fight with a devastating charge, disregarding the hail of arrows that kept hitting her
  • Once the undead were defeated, Daechir rushed to pick up the Apothecary’s book, which turned out to be a Litany of the Undying Peerage, opened to the page of Duchess Blackblood of the Crimson Slaughter
  • In a chest out the back were 1,000GP and a Cloak of Anonymity, the latter of which went to Jacek
  • Randall thanked you but asked you to leave town – Koldar calling on the Dark Gods had excommunicated you all from the service of Thanatos



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