The Overthrow

35 - CSI Thorn

  • Heading out into the woods, you followed Moira’s directions to the foresters’ encampment. They were sniffing the air as you got there, but thanks to Lital’s relationship with the High Druid you were able to start a conversation.
  • All of the foresters were male half-orcs (they were kind of embarrassed/defensive about all being male), and led by Pogral. He said he had seen Kalen a couple of nights before, and admitted to making the death threats, but said he hadn’t acted on them.
  • You were interrupted by an angry mob arriving from the village. Despite Daechir’s concerns that they were here for him, most of them didn’t really know who he was – they were here for Pogral and his foresters, whom they blamed for Kalen’s death
  • A bloody fight ensued, in which you sided with the half-orcs (who turned out to be werewolves!) against the foresters, killing all fifteen or so of them except one, upon whom Lital used her Helm of Infamy to instill terror
    • Lital recognised their leader a former Imperial Legionnaire, as one of the people who attacked and destroyed her village when she was young. She killed him, leaving her with several unanswered questions, but learnt that the Legionnaire had two former comrades back at the village too
  • After the fight, Kalen’s apprentice Silverleaf (a wood elf) appeared and exonerated the half-orc werewolves. She hadn’t realised that her mentor had been killed, but as she’d been watching the werewolves for the last few weeks she was sure they hadn’t been involved.
  • Based on the additional information, she worked out that the most likely culprit was a woman named Tianthe, who lived in a cave with a small group of gnomes.
  • You decided to go and find Tianthe to satisfy Jacek’s promise to Moira, and set off through the forest
  • The forest was generally fairly wild but pleasant, until you got to an area that had clearly been devastated somewhat, with trees knocked over and so on – Buffy’s increasing distress was soon explained when a green bullette and her calves burst out from the ground and attacked, before you were also attacked by a hunting manticore (wearing a very expensive Imperial medallion)



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