The Overthrow

  • Volterra identified whatever the hell this (pictured) is as something cthonian in a strict literal sense


  • Wanting to rescue/interrogate the two former Imperial Legionnaires, Lital encouraged you all to head in there. She and Vallessa opted to jump in, surfing down the tide of earth and rubble on a building, while Volterra, Daechir and a strangely-dazed Jacek used a door halfway into the wall…
  • Lital and Vallessa noticed they were approaching some angry-looking orcs, who were throwing spears and loosing arrows as villagers caught in the “tide”. Despite some heroic efforts, both of them were soon dropped and pincushioned with arrows and spears; it was only thanks to the regenerative intervention of the High Druid that they weren’t captured or killed!
  • Meanwhile, the others entered a room with six glass-like pillars full of inky blackness, and a gargoyle holding a silver key which looked to be the way into the one exit from the room. Naturally, Volterra tried to take the key out of the gargoyle’s hand, but it came to life and attacked, as did the two wraiths lurking in the glass tubes.
  • Once the enemies were vanquished, Volterra noticed an ancient map on the ceiling – showing Omen as a thriving metropolis, and a large city in what is now the Kneedeep
  • Vallessa and Lital climbed back up and met back up with everyone else in that room, and Lital found a discarded still-warm human face, of someone you’d seen in the village…
  • Behind the locked door was a tunnel that is a very different in architectural style – at dwarf height, leading to a room full of rusted and broken pipes and ruins of some machine. Three goblins were arguing over loot in the corner, but fled through tiny tunnels, so you pressed on into the next room, which had several stone caskets in…



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