The Queen of Shadows


‘”Don’t bother thanking me, I already thanked myself to your gold and your lover’s heart.”

Usual Location

Shadow Port, or anywhere else she cares to be.

Common Knowledge

Not everyone believes there is a Queen of Shadows. This works out extremely well for the Queen. She doesn’t care about getting credit for her exploits. Consequently, there are places where she’s blamed for every major theft, and other places where she’s viewed as an invention of the Thieves’ Guilds to cover their tracks.

Adventurers & the Icon

Adventurers sometimes work for the Queen of Shadows without ever knowing it. In some sense, anyone who accepts one of her gifts is doing the Queen’s work. Other adventurers like the Queen’s style and aim to further her schemes, but that’s a shifty path and what works for an icon can often as not walk an adventurer into a wall of swords.


The Diabolist has profited from certain of the Queen’s “transactions,” but The Hierophant, at least, believes that the Queen stole more from the Diabolist than the Diabolist suspects. Who can say?


The Queen Under The Mountain has offered a queen’s-ransom in platinum for the Queen of Shadows’ head, but no one knows why. The Archmage has tried to retrieve certain stolen artifacts from the Queen, but hasn’t claimed success in the endeavor.


Shadowy figures appear on the margins of official histories. Some of these mysterious figures are previous incarnations of the Queen of Shadows in other guises with other names.

The True Danger

If the Queen of Shadows ever ends up leading the forces of evil, it’s going to be bad news.

The Queen of Shadows

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